It’s a hub, not a box

We help grow ideas where they were seeded and allow them to expand beyond borders.

IP Hub Switzerland is an open window on opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs in prejudiced geographies: We provide access to the expertise, the investors and the markets they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach and this, without having to delocalise.

Because an idea can only be good or bad, we leverage IP legislation to bypass cultural and geographical prejudice.

How ?

With IP rights hosted in Switzerland, innovators bypass prejudice to reach experts, investors and users while staying in their home countries.

By enabling access to capital and skills, we encourage the creation of new technology-based firms and innovative start-ups in disadvantaged regions.

By promoting innovation and technology, we create a new economic landscape fostering change in local regulations.

Key benefits

Reduce administrative overload to free up resources for research and technology development

Allow inventors to remain in their home countries and dynamise economically disadvantaged regions

Erase geographical and cultural prejudice by relocating IP rights to Switzerland

Facilitate business cooperation between the Swiss business community and the innovators

Support SMEs in prejudiced geographies in accessing resources that would not otherwise be within reach

Support investors and IP users in accessing new markets


Entrepreneurs can keep the full ownership of their IP rights without having to delocalise

IP net income paid to innovators in their country and submitted to local taxes

All administrative and legal compliance of IP rights in Switzerland handled by IPHS