IPHS is a different kind of innovative business incubator

We find high potential innovations where nobody looks for them, allowing

  • discriminated innovators to grow and market their ideas

  • IP users and investors to continuously access a pipeline of innovative projects

All projects go through an evaluation phase by experts ensuring they are sound and agree with the ethical values of the organisation.

That brings together leading international experts to support the projects

We have the ability to effectively promote the projects to the right people, service providers, investors and users, with significant experience and expertise in:

  • Innovative and technology start-ups in key markets

  • Business, engineering, marketing and law for the manufacturing and services sectors in local economies

  • International and cross-border transactions

  • Intellectual property

Against cultural and geographical prejudice

We host IP assets in Switzerland in order to benefit from its

  • Highest quality and in discriminated image

  • Business framework

  • Stability and international reputation

  • Private and public R&D

  • Leading IP and related international organizations

  • Favourable tax regime